Brands that touch people's lives

About Us
Palco for Import and Distribution Company was established in 1997. Since then, Palco has maintained its leading position as a main distributor of fast-moving consumer goods in the Palestinian market and has achieved continuous and notable growth in profits through expansion in all areas of the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Palco is a unique company that works on importing and distributing highly reputable international brands which are considered to be the best in their categories. One of these companies is Kimberly Clark International, a compay that owns many well-known brands such as: Huggies, Kotex, Kleenex, and Molett. In addition to Zobele Group, the Italian owner of Spira, the well-known brand for pest control. 

In addition to that, Palco is a sole distributor for other global companies such as "Henkel", the manufacturer of internationally recongnized personal care and beauty products that come under different brand names such as Schwarzkopf Gliss, Fa, Syoss, Indola, Palette, Men Perfect, Tom and Jerry, Hawaii, and others.

Palco is also pioneer in food products being a main distributor of International food companies such as Osem / Nestlé in Palestine.

Palco has its own private label Basmati Bonde Chef Rice

Our Vision
To be the proficient distinguished distributor acquiring a new era of securing unique life standards through innovative FMCG solutions; whilst sustaining a balanced rewarding integrated circuit for all stakeholders.

Our Mission
Palco's mission is to continuously exceed our customers, consumers & suppliers expectations by providing premium quality goods and services through:

  • The employment of capable and experienced personnel, ensuring that they are equipped with opportunities for growth and improvement.
  • Applying the most efficient and effective work systems to all aspects of the business cycle to ensure the delivery of the best results.
  • Maintaining a solid financial base that drives further growth.
  • Partnering with key stakeholders in the region to lead the community towards positive change.